Bathroom Remodeling

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary for serenity.

Whether you’re looking for minor touch-ups or a complete renovation, we’ll help you turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation. Walking into your bathroom should feel like walking into a luxury spa. All you have to do is add the bubble bath and smooth jazz.

Bathrooms aren’t just meant for business; they’re meant for self-care as well. The best way to treat yourself is to have a beautiful bathroom space for focusing on personal well-being. Most people start and end their day in their bathroom, so get the bathroom you need to gear up in the morning and wind down in the evening.


Bathroom Update

If you love the overall layout of your bathroom, but you want to improve the design, there are ways to make minor tweaks for maximum impact. 

For instance, installing new tile can completely change the dynamic of your space by instantly giving your bathroom a polished look. Or maybe you have high ceilings, and you want to take advantage of them by installing new cabinets for more storage opportunities. Even swapping out some of the fixtures can make your bathroom feel brand new without breaking the bank.

Bathroom Redesign

Sometimes, you move into a house, and the bathroom is there out of necessity. The room only serves utilitarian purposes, and nothing about it calms you down. That’s where a complete bathroom remodel comes in.

Completely renovating a bathroom begins by removing every bit of your bathroom that you can’t stand. Once the old is out, we can help you create your dream environment. You’ll call the shots on everything from the bathtub/shower unit to the cabinets to the color of the walls. It’s your vision—we just help you bring it to life.

Bathroom Conversion

Maybe you moved into a house with two bedrooms and one bathroom, and that was all fine and dandy until the kids came along. With a bit of empty space and some plumbing, we can help you create an extra full or half bath so you can brush your teeth in peace.

Or maybe you’re experiencing the opposite scenario, and your house has more bathrooms than it needs. In that case, we’ll come in and remove the appliances and help you remodel the area into something more practical for you. 

Ready to spruce up your bathroom or have some ideas you’d like to talk through? Call us today at 281-501-2864 for your free estimate!